DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Bipolar Switch – “Play Your Position”

Bipolar Switch Play Your PositionIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Bipolar Switch and his brand new single titled “Play Your Position”.

Bipolar Switch is ready for the world to hear his brand new single, “Play Your Position”. Mainly within the UK Grime and Hip-Hop genre, this aspiring artist makes use of playful lyricism and interesting beats to ensure that his track is unique and his distinctive sound is explored fully. Inspired heavily by other drill artists in the UK, this Essex based rapper thinks that, despite others tearing rappers down, they stay perfecting their craft and ensuring that they keep going. As well as being influenced by American figures such as Travis Scott and Pop Smoke, Bipolar Switch cites UK rap as his main source of inspiration.

A Drill and Trap artist from a small town in Essex, Bipolar Switch is ready to break through the industry at top speed with his high quality tracks – starting with ‘Play Your Position’. A huge amount of talent goes unnoticed in his area, and so he is making it his mission to represent his homeland and show to others that it is possible to make it. This is only the beginning for Bipolar Switch.

Listen below:

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