Hakeem Prime strikes gold with his single ‘Love Rants’ Step Up Star ‘Christina Milian’ gives him a shoutout

 Christina Milian gives a big shout out to Hakeem Prime after finding his song love rants on a playlist she listens too

Today in Tuesday November 29th. as the winter seeps in, one underground artist rises about the few reaching the likes of Pop Singer and STARZ Actress Christina Milian of Step Up 3. Who are we talking about? None other than Hakeem Prime. 


After finding his song on one of her favorite playlist she expressed in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Hakeem Prime Love Rants is my new jam who is this boy beautiful voice” days before this Hakeem Prime celebrated this release for reaching over 1M streams with yet another song of his independently. Posting a thanks on Twitter 




Hakeem then dropped a 8 track EP on SoundCloud last week and it’s all the rave which features lambo4oe & Ice spice. it’s a real great tape that echos r&b and rap with a nice play on new age feel. Hakeem flows aimlessly on New York drill and sings flawlessly on new age melodic beats.


Ice spice has took off in her lane with ‘Munch’

Lambo4oe has aswell with his single ‘Self Esteem’ which now has a version with NLE CHOPPA & EST Gee. Listen to the full tape below