The Purple Snake Era

The Purple Snake Era  is more than a brand of clothing, it is a lifestyle as well as an attitude towards life. Purple Snake means living life to the fullest, taking every opportunity that you are faced with, and generally enjoying life for what it is. This passionate way of thinking and living has inspired a lifestyle clothing line meant to be worn by those who do what they love. We gain inspiration from our own lives, which we use to develop fresh-looking apparel. 

Why back The Purple Snake?

The Purple Snake Era was born when a Young Man from high school agreed that If you don't start somewhere, you won't go anywhere. We truly believe that this way of thinking about life could benefit anyone who takes it to heart in a fresh new way. Therefore we need your help to spread the word about Purple Snake and its message. If you decide to back us you will receive a quality, and will be part of the ever-growing community of go-getters and life-livers. We are passionate people, and we need your help to spread the message of a full life around the world. We have high aspirations, and cannot hope to reach them without your support. By backing The Purple Snake Era you will be supporting a company with a long term goal with a short term motivation to achevie success for our culture and community.

Is this brand for you?

After reading the above story on the inspiration behind Purple Snake, one easily might assume we make clothing for Teens. In reality, one couldn't be any further from the truth.

We make clothing for all kinds of people with any type of belief system or lifestyle.

This company is a way I can express myself. My heart, dreams, and feelings on life.

What will the money be used for?

this project is successful, all the money will go towards funding more products and services to help indie artist. With the ability to release products that give the buyer wide enough range to choose from, I have reason to believe that Purple Snake will be put in a position to succeed and expand.

Once the ball gets rolling, I plan to release more products and lines. For example of The Supreme Snakes,

These Prints are in very high demand, and I already have design color concepts waiting to be used!

From there, I hope a long lasting company is born. A successful, trendsetting clothing company. One that you would be proud to have been apart of from the very beginning.

Lets get to the fun stuff. This portion is all for you!

Two examples of are originals. More in are main video up top.

Thank you for taking time to check out my project! If you feel inclined to help make this project possible, I would thoroughly appreciate your assistance!

If you have any questions, I would love to answer them.

hit us up via email: thepurplesnakeera@gmail.com , Info@purplesnakeera.com