Top Music Artists Of Western Idaho (2022)

 Top Music Artists Of Western Idaho (2022)

We finally feel like we are out of the grips of covid and back to living our best lives. In the city of trees we can relate with our peers and see their growth no matter the back and forth and sh** talking or hating. Progress is progress. So I took the opportunity to make a list of the artist that have been grinding and making a name for themselves in the scene as of 2022. Just to be clear all of these people are the Top Performers in the area and deserve all the recognition. Here are some categories I’ve Separated them by. “Top Streamers” Are your few that actually get streams from fans around the world. “Top Vibes” are the hard working few that gets the job done Identical to “Top Ladies” who are here too. "Top Influential" are the People that have been here and have been very impactful either via social media or in real life no matter the situation. If there name is mentioned it causes some kind of action or notion. “Top Musically inclined” are the bands and singers who are successful currently too. “Top Creatives” are self explanatory and of course “Top Groups”. Enjoy ( Article By @HakeemDada )

Top Streamers 




Kurtis Hoppis

Kurtis Hoppie is paving his way in the rap game with authenticity and lyrical intensity. Combining his singing background with his passion for rap, Hoppie seeks to bring a message of hope to the hopeless.

Hoppie grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada with his older brother and mother and struggled with loneliness and identity after losing his father at the tender age of five. But Hoppie always found solace in music. He sang in choir growing up and watched his brother try his hand at rap. Hoppie followed his brother’s footsteps and became Triple Thr33, a rapper who sought to bring a positive message to his listeners as he was exploring his own spirituality.

“God showed me that every word I say has power in it and when I speak, I need to be mindful as to what I am telling the people who listen to my music,” he explains. “… What I felt when I found the love of God is something I believe the entire world should know. That one moment changed everything for me. I can barely remember the pain I used to live through and now I’ve dedicated my life to sharing my story, believing it might inspire someone to walk into their true identity and find Peace. Because if he did it for me he can do it for anyone.”

Spencer Boliou

Spencer Boliou is a Christian singer and songwriter from Boise, Idaho. He performs a variety of different genres, including hip-hop, contemporary, and worship. Spencer has officially released other songs collaborating with Misfit Army members, including “RISE” with Dany Gray and “Islands” with RAY G.

Spencer created the HIGH-Fi project in June 2021, under which he releases songs that feature a more upbeat, fast pace. The first HIGH-Fi song was “FIRE FALL.” 

Hakeem Prime

Hakeem Prime is a Rapper, Singer, Songwriter and Producer. Hakeem as a young teen was a big fan of music from Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, DMX and more along with some of his R&B influences like Tyrese , Usher, 112 & Ginuwine.

Prime Has played at a host of highly regarded venues. The creative Hakeem Prime took off in his career with his 2016 single, "Slip Up" reaching the iTunes hiphop charts at #4 


LadyDice is a talented artist with an eclectic style. With her gifted expression through song writing, she can sing, spit, and create beautiful graphite art. Fullerton, CA

Honorable Mentions
Uffy LaneDeezel Washingtons

Top Ladies 

LYRC (LyricalLashea)

Lyricallashea began her musical journey as a senior in high school, she recorded her first song on cakewalk and fell in love with the way her voice sounded on a track.  LYRC is now a Hip Hop artist that blurs the lines between Singer, Christian rapper, an alternative music.


Mercy Angelique is a talented vocalist and songwriter who loves creating vibe music for the world to enjoy. She began writing music at a very young age and has mastered her craft. She is now launching her professional career after overcome countless obstacles and continues to work hard each and every day.
Carah Morris

Carah morris is an American singer whos been in the industry for over 6 years working with big names as a back ground singer an Booking/talent agent.  

T Baby


Top Vibes 


Young Neves

 Neves has cemented himself as one of the better lyricists from the PNW. His beats are fire but what’s most dope about him is his focus on storytelling as opposed to a catchy flash in the pan.

J Brown

Cali made
Vegas raised
Idaho living

west coast hip hop artist

Big Vybe

Big Vybe is a young talent out of western Idaho with a unique sound for the new school 


Ryker Lee

Mac Dylan

Devin B


Young artist from Santa Claire, CA

Axiom Tha Wyze

Honorable Mentions
Dirrty Shirt
D-RockS.DOTJoplin Wade

Top Influential

Mill Bill


                                          Ace Flo  


Vito OT

There\"s only one word to sum up the artist Yung Verb. PASSIONATE. Verb lives up to his name perfectly. He is known for making moves and it is evident by the production of his grind. Verb has never waited for handouts. He is a deep believer in going out and getting what belongs to you. Verb has become a well-known name and has secured a loyal and impressive fan base in the Northwest. Verb\"s passion for life is felt in his music. He measures his success by the mountains that he conquers on this rough journey called life.

Top Creatives 

Profane Remy


Matt McCallum Aka Z3ALOUS is an aspiring Boise Hip-Hop Artist best known for his cunning linguistic abilities, as well as his captivating performances & the eccentricity nature of his apparel that he wears at every single showcase. 


Tyler’s Domain

IG @ tylersdomain
SC @ tylersdomain


LORENTZ was born in Boise ID, and raised in the small town of Emmett ID. At the age of 14 he started writing rhymes and rapping as a way to outlet his troubles at home and in school. Lorentz was in and out of trouble with the law through school and found refuge through writing. As a young man troubles amplified which led to some battles with mental health. All of the adversity pushed him to focus on music as a form of self therapy over the years. After the death of close a friend lorentz stopped pursuing music going off radar for a number of years. Although he never stopped writing. Lorentz is now back and eager to share his sound with the world.


TyLrenzo Music is a Idaho native rapper that has 6 yrs in the industry with a passion for music and lyrics, His message is a vision of his life experiences. Hope you enjoy.
currently under 208 Music label as a freshman.

Top Groups


knwbdy is an indie hip-hop duo formed and based in Boise, Idaho. Their authentic formula, as well as their reflective lyrical and melodic approach established a unique style all their own in the short time that they have worked together. Coming from two very different backgrounds the singer/songwriter Spencer Boliou and his conscious rapping counter part wins combined their experiences from prior artistic endeavors after discovering their intertwined vision for creating "conversation music." This perspective allows for knwbdy to be able to place introspective and challenging topics within their art while remaining authentic and relatable on the human level. 


Available on all music platforms! Stay tuned for the newest releases and content!
Spotify - brokendrmrs
Soundcloud - brokendrmrs
Snapchat - brokendrmrs
IG - brokendrmrs

The Fam

The Fam consist of Shakashine, Bazzurk & Risky. These artist are from different parts of the west coast but brings a new vibe to west coast sound, with witty wordplay and a distinct style with smooth beats, Which helps there words resonate with listeners

Freedom Renegades

Honorable Mentions

Hot & Heated Music

Rap House


Top Musically Inclined



Black Market Analog

Wickid Garden

Crimeson Divide

Top Afro Artist
                                                       BadMan IsI

Artist from the motherland 🌴
Chasing greatness ✨💫

Adda Pro

Young Cello


Poly Honcho & Pop G

Game P

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