Hakeem Prime in talks with Capital Records for a Single Deal

Hakeem Prime in talks with Captain Records for a single deal 

Today it has been reported that Hakeem Prime local artist from Boise Idaho that came up in Smyrna Georgia is in talks with capital records for a single deal things can change overnight for artist around the world at any given moment and Hakeem has been working nonstop to reach the audience outside of the small confines of Idaho and has been successful. 

Leaving Atlanta Georgia must have been a leap of faith for Prime jumping out of the cesspool that is the crowded music industry of Atl. Hakeem finds refuge in what seems to be a potential deal on the table. 

it was reported last week that someone from Jim Jones team reached out to an executive about the artist. Talking about his singing ability entangled with his energetic sound. Which advised the company exc. to take a closer look at the artist. We are wishing him good luck with his meeting and hope to hear great news in the future.