DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Gene Yus – “Hoping & Praying”

Gene Yus Hoping & Praying

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Gene Yus and his brand new single titled “Hoping & Praying”.

The fresh, new single “Hoping & Praying,” from prolific musician Gene Yus is a grittily tenacious Hip-Hop hit sure to move any listener with its raw authenticity – it oozes the passion & unwavering dedication Gene Yus pours magically into each of his growingly remarkable releases.

Collaborating with similarly talented writer Trenton Colbert, Gene produced and geniously engineered this phenomenal track which was surprisingly sat on for 2 years; after continuous tweaking and minor altering, Gene uncovered the songs perfect final mix & exposed a grateful world to a previously archived masterpiece. As idyllically encapsulated by Gene himself, ‘Hoping & Praying,’ is a song about, “putting one foot in front of the other and stepping on any competition that gets in the way – this is a pre-game song… the song you play when you’re about to go into battle.”

The single’s accompanying video artistically explores the cascading landscapes of New Zealand where Gene recently moved to. Given its versatility, crucially important message and relevance across a broad spectrum of life’s avenues, ‘Hoping & Praying,’ is an incredibly prevalent song in the Hip-Hop scene which certainly isn’t one to miss.

“Hoping & Praying” is a dope, upfliting Hip-Hop tune with some great vibes. We love the comination of the bouncing beat and the catchy melody of the track. This one is definitely a great fit for your gym playlist.

Listen below:

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