DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Muenster – “MuensterVision Presents: Ian”

Muenster MuensterVision Presents: IanIn this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Muenster and his brand new album titled MuensterVision Presents: Ian.

MuensterVision Presents: Ian is a future forming, comfortably challenging musical project. The hip-hop offering from Muenster has been a creation alchemy, like nothing he has ever endeavoured. As he’s learned about the value in utility behind your art, it has driven his constructs around what is meant by the agreements we all make with each other. Meaning, when we make art, and someone consumes our art, a bond is formed. Energetically, spiritually, physically. . .this moment matters.
A father, a husband, a musician, and a student of life, Muenster is a versatile wordsmith, polished orator, prolific national performer; not your typical human. A key member of multiple musical projects in Texas, Ian has been an MC, beatsmith, and all around avid musician for numerous years, having traveled around the United States building, performing, and growing with people he meets along the way. As a cultural anthropologist he has a keen interest in all sectors of people groups and believes wholeheartedly in understanding and holistic bond building through identifying a common ground. This translates to his approach through each record he cuts.
Muenster comments on the musical project, “This record is my gift to you, to me, to the unknown. It is an ode to my former self and a nod to my future. I hope that when the needle drops, and all things settle, that we all remember to enjoy the ride. Peace and manifestations.”

Listen to the full album below:

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