DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Boom Dice & MadLeo – “Extroverts”

Boom Dice MadLeo Extroverts

In this new entry in our ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ category, we want to introduce you to upcoming artist Boom Dice and MadLeo and their brand new single titled “Extroverts”.

Continuing his trend of supporting rising and undiscovered artists, the acclaimed multi-Grammy nominated, Brit winning producer, songwriter and artist Bryan Wilson aka Boom Dice announces the release of his latest single “Extroverts” with Florida Born, Serbian based actress and singer-songwriter MadLeo, out now on all streaming platforms.

A heavenly slice of electric dark-pop, “Extroverts” features Boom Dice’s trademark slick production and infectious melodies, complemented by MadLeo’s sultry vocals. Speaking of the track, MadLeo says, “Extroverts was written from the perspective of the inner voice in your head, talking you through a night of social anxiety. I wanted to showcase the anxiety as a back and fourth conversation in my head, but also find the humor in this irrational fear of extroverts. The collaboration ended up giving us this dark, playful, cynical pop song, about something a lot of us deal with.”

“Boom Dice sent me the music, and from the first listen I was immediately hooked by the bass line and the song’s intense vibe. It was my first time top-lining a song, meaning writing lyrics to music, instead of the other way around. So I thought ok, I think the lyrics should contrast this dramatic music, let’s make it about something people might not expect.”

Listen below:

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